Letter from the President

Dianne Bennett and David Webster OBE at the opening of the Highland Games

Historically, classic Physical Culture was a prime activity for the ancient Greeks, whose quest was for physical perfection, athletic prowess and total well-being epitomised in their Olympic games. This was perpetuated by the Romans and through to the 1900’s when competitive weightlifting became its expression


The 1930’s saw the diversification of weightlifting and weightraining for specific Bodybuilding. In the 1960’s the power, strength and ascetics of superb physiques like Reg Park and Arnold Schwarzenegger were manifest


From the 1980’s to the second decade of the 21st century we’ve witnessed a global fitness explosion. From home gyms to warehouses to palaces of Hi-Tech magnificence - yet - finally - good old 'basic' weight training exercises are now becoming recognised as the true application and foundation for maximum performance in all sports


Marathons to Mountaineering, Football to Fencing, we can all be proud of the part we’ve played as CHAMPIONS OF HEALTHY LIFESTYLE AND LONGEVITY


We’re finally getting across the simple truths – no magic




Welcome to our website. I hope you find it informative and inspiring...


Yours in health,


Dianne Bennett - President